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 Lowg Run Company Name: "Lowg", such as sun and moon, "Run" Ze Wuzhou. We firmly believe that the prospect of terminal water utilities must as clear as the sun and the moon, we hope that China's water purification products to moisturize the continents end all desire a healthy family, hence the name "Lowg Run."


Trademark Interpretation


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 Three words of the first two letters, LE-Legend legend, VI-Victory victory, TI-Times era, which means: I hope that all the options in the water sector colleagues, working in the water industry during the period, is entire life to create a legendary victory period.


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"Lowg" people, "Thai" personal. Meaning: Lowg Tai brand products are make people feel good, physically Kangtai health products. Meanwhile, "Lowg Tai," the word is "LEVITI" transliteration.